I started my cookbook collecting very innocently. A friend I worked with ask me to buy a cookbook her church had printed. It seemed like a great idea to pick up some good recipes and help the church raise money. How could I go wrong. I stayed on that path for a year or two. I’m not even sure when it turned into I can’t find enough cookbooks. You start telling friends you collect and then you start telling strangers on the street just in case they might have a box in the truck they are taking to donate. You search every inch of the local yard sales and then you volunteer to help look in the house for cookbooks they might want to sell.

Cookbooks are still my favorite gift to receive and never seem to tire of the search for the next favorite one. I now have to many to count and have filled the entire upstairs of the house with bookcase. My patient husband has helped me lug hundreds of them home and has never complained.

I continue to meet other collectors who are in various stage of addiction. Some are just started and others are thinking about selling or donating some of their collection. I hope they will all find their way to this site and find that next favorite cookbook.